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Ericab0mb: bah
Weezer019: .
Ericab0mb: .
Weezer019: ..
Ericab0mb: ...
Weezer019: bleh
Ericab0mb: yeah.
Ericab0mb: im tired. i feel my eyes sinking in.
Weezer019: me too
Ericab0mb: sigur ros isn't helping much.
Weezer019: haha i know
Weezer019: dude those songs are so long
Weezer019: i got a godspeed you black emporer song and it was 20 minutes.
Ericab0mb: are you still on your fat wreck chords thingg
Ericab0mb: daayum. i like it though
Weezer019: yeah pretty much hahaha
Weezer019: yeah
Ericab0mb: its good for listening to music and like..
Ericab0mb: after a while your mind gets used to the music
Weezer019: yeah
Ericab0mb: and when the songs finnally over its like
Ericab0mb: *snaps out of it* whooaa.
Weezer019: hahahaha yeah
Weezer019: ahhh i had to play this stupid
Weezer019: country song for krystal on the phone when she called me
Ericab0mb: haha eweww
Weezer019: and i left it on winamp on accident
Ericab0mb: therez a teaarr in my beaarr
Ericab0mb: BEER
Weezer019: and it came on random and i started all singing it
Weezer019: hahaHAHAHAHAAHHAH
Ericab0mb: billy gilman
Ericab0mb: dreammm gurl
Weezer019: it's my job to keep punk rock elite.
Weezer019: hahahahahahhahahah
Ericab0mb: ahaha why
Weezer019: nofx
Ericab0mb: dont call me white bitch
Weezer019: hahahahaha
Ericab0mb: BRB
Weezer019: OK
Ericab0mb: someones on the other line
Ericab0mb: but thy arent talking
Weezer019: o..
Weezer019: thy
Ericab0mb: im like hello? hello?
Ericab0mb: hello?
Ericab0mb: hello?
Weezer019: nznznz
Weezer019: hahaha*
Ericab0mb: now its ringing
Ericab0mb: wtf
Ericab0mb: *hangs up*
Weezer019: haha
Ericab0mb: this conversation is funnier than michel jacksons nose
Ericab0mb: its going in whorsez
Ericab0mb: youre all 'nznznznz'
Weezer019: omg OUR conversation?
Ericab0mb: omg OUR conversation.
Weezer019: hahahha I'M SUCH A DUMBAss.
Weezer019: i saw bob ross on tv the other day
Ericab0mb: really
Weezer019: yes
Weezer019: i almost cried.
Ericab0mb: was he painting happy little trees .. while eatignigngin
Weezer019: YES
Ericab0mb: hersheys b aby featuses on a candle lit dinner with chris farley
Weezer019: hahahahahaha
Weezer019: OMG.
Weezer019: SWEET MARY.
Ericab0mb: late reaction.
Ericab0mb: too busy pimping and farting?
Weezer019: yes hahahahaha
Ericab0mb: haha
Ericab0mb: cold chills.
Weezer019: yes
Ericab0mb: ok.whorses here we come.
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